Event Cancelled: Kashiwanoha parkrun special day 1st Jan 2021



Event cancelled due to the COVID-19 ;Kashiwanoha parkrun: Special day parkrun 1st Jan 2021


柏の葉parkrunの新型コロナウイルスの対応について/Kashiwanoha parkrun & the corona virus












⑧ 柏の葉公園内の施設で手洗いをしていただけるところがあります。

To all Kashiwanoa parkrun runners and volunteers, the following is our policy regarding the Corona virus:

1. Currently, we are not planning any cancellations. However, if we do decide to cancel, we will announce this on our web site (the news page) and our FB page. Please check this prior to coming to the event.

2. Please do not take part if you are worried about the possibility of contracting or passing on the virus. Volunteers, even if you are already on the roster, please do not take part if you are worried - feel free to contact us and cancel your participation if you prefer.

3. Please do not take part if you have a fever, a cough or any other flu-like symptoms.

4. Please wear a mask before and after the event. Volunteers, please wear a mask throughout the event.

5. Runners, please refrain from spitting or releasing phlegm during the event.

6. Runners, as far as possible, please hold your finish tokens and bar codes so that the bar code scanners do not have to touch them. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

7. Finish token, finish token support, finish token sorters and bar code scannners, please try not to touch your face during the event and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

8. There are several places to wash your hands nearby but we recommend that you bring your own soap and towel.

We look forward to seeing all who decide to participate on Saturday!!


English Directions to Kashiwanoha parkrun

English Directions to Kashiwanoha parkrun

Information for non-Japanese speakers on how to get to the parkrun:

1. We are about 20 minutes walk from Kashiwanoha- campus Station.

2. Kashiwanoha- campus Station is on the Tsukuba Express.We recommend you reach Kashiwanoha-campus by 7:20am as we start at 8:00 (NOT 9:00!!!).

If you are travelling through Akihabara, try to be on the Tsukuba Express train that leaves Akihabara at 6:45.

3. Directions: Turn left immediately you pass through the ticket barrier and keep walking straight.In your right side, you can see "Mitsui Garden Hotel". Go straight in front of the hotel and in some apartments, you can see traffic light, then cross road and the end of street, you'll find Kashiwanoha park. We gather in front of Gym on Kashiwanoha park. Recommend on using map apps on your smart phone.

4. Bring the same bar code as you use in your home country - it works here, too!!

5. ENJOY!!!!!!!

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