年末年始開催スケジュール/Xmas and New Year Event Schedule

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12月24日土曜日 クリスマスイベント!!
12月31日土曜日 大晦日開催!!
1月1日 元旦特別開催!!
1月7日土曜日 通常土曜日パークラン開催!!
Futakotamagawa parkrun Christmas and New Years schedule:
December 24th Christmas Event!!
December 31st New Year's Eve event!!
January 1st Special New Years Day event!!
Yes, two parkruns in 2 days!!
January 7th usual Saturday parkrun
Enjoy parkrun after parkrun!!
However, please note that we need lots of volunteers for these events so please consider volunteering on one of these days so helping to give everyone a chance to run!!

5月4日みどりの日 特別二子玉川パークラン開催 May 4th Green Day Special Day Futakotamagawa Parkrun

5月4日みどりの日 特別二子玉川パークラン開催!!!!
May 4th Green Day Special Day Futakotamagawa Parkrun!!!
年1回土曜日以外の日スペシャルデーと言う事でパークラン開催可能です。今年は5月4日みどりの日です!! スターウォーズのテーマです!! いつもと一緒で兵庫島公園に7時50分集合で8時スタート!ボランティアも募集中!! もちろん4月30日も5月7日も開催!!
Twice a year parkrun has a Special Day where we can we can hold a non-Saturday event. This year the first one will be on May 4th Green Day!!! Usual time of 7.50 in Hyogojima park for an 8am start. We're also looking for volunteers!! We'll have a Star Wars theme!
May the 4th Be With You!!
ps also running as usual on April 30 th and May 7th!!

いよいよ明日(10/24)再開!! RESTARTING TOMORROW!!!!



The restart is only a day away!! Can't wait to see everyone at around 7:50 on the floodbank at Futakotamagawa Park!! Please do take a moment to look through the simple guidelines attached and note the local requirements that Futaotamagawa Park as for its users (see picture)COVID19-parkrun-code-of-conduct_V_v8COVID19-parkrun-code-of-conduct_JP_2COVID19-parkrun-code-of-conduct_WR_v8COVID19-parkrun-code-of-conduct_JP_RW4Futakotamagawa parkrun sign. Looking forward to having a fun and safe event for everyone tomorrow!!




二子玉川パークランの新型コロナウイルスの対応について/Futakotamagawa parkrun & the corona virus



① 実行について。現在キャンセルをさせて頂く予定ございません。但し、キャンセルの場合、必ず二子玉川パークランのウェブサイト(ニュース・ページ)及びFBページに発表させて頂きますので事前にご確認を頂ければと思います。

② ランナーもボランティアも無理してご参加を頂く必要ございません。感染についてご心配な方は、ご遠慮なく休んで下さい。事前にボランティア参加のご希望されている方も参加の必要ありませんがご連絡お願いします。

③ 少しでも熱や咳などの風邪の症状が出ている時は必ず休んで下さい。

④ ラン前後のマスク着用をお勧め致します。ボランティアの皆様は常にマスク着用をお願いします。

⑤ 走行中に痰やつばを吐かないようお願いします。

⑥ ランナの皆さん、フィニッシュトークン及びバーコードをなるべくスキャンナーに渡さず、自分で持ってスキャンしてもらうようにお願いします。尚、終了後に手洗いを徹底して下さい。

⑦ フィニッシュトークン配布及び補充、フィニッシュトークン整理、バーコードスキャンナー担当のボランティアの方へ。活動中中自分の顔を触れない事と活動後に手洗いを徹底して下さい。

⑧ 手洗い場所としては二子玉川公園など近くにあります。各自タオルや石けんなどをご持参下さい。


To all Futakotamagawa parkrun runners and volunteers, the following is our policy regarding the Corona virus:

1. Currently, we are not planning any cancellations. However, if we do decide to cancel, we will announce this on our web site (the news page) and our FB page. Please check this prior to coming to the event.

2. Please do not take part if you are worried about the possibility of contracting or passing on the virus. Volunteers, even if you are already on the roster, please do not take part if you are worried - feel free to contact us and cancel your participation if you prefer.

3. Please do not take part if you have a fever, a cough or any other flu-like symptoms.

4. Please wear a mask before and after the event. Volunteers, please wear a mask throughout the event.

5. Runners, please refrain from spitting or releasing phlegm during the event.

6. Runners, as far as possible, please hold your finish tokens and bar codes so that the bar code scanners do not have to touch them. Wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

7. Finish token, finish token support, finish token sorters and bar code scannners, please try not to touch your face during the event and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

8. There are several places to wash your hands nearby but we recommend that you bring your own soap and towel.

We look forward to seeing all who decide to participate on Saturday!!


English Directions to Futakotamagawa parkrun

Information for non-Japanese speakers on how to get to the parkrun:

1. We are about 10 minutes walk from Futakotamagawa Station.

2. Futakotamagawa Station is on the Denentoshi Line and the Oimachi Line. We recommend you reach Futakotamagawa by 7:30am as we start at 8:00 (NOT 9:00
!!!). If you are travelling through Shibuya, try to be on the Denentoshi Line train that leaves Shibuya at 7:12.

3. Directions: Turn right immediately you pass through the ticket barrier and keep walking straight. Go up a flight of stairs/escalator and keep going straight. The path goes round to the right after high rises finish, follow it until you come to a stand alone Starbucks. After the Starbucks, go down a flight of stairs on to the flood bank of the river. We gather there.

4. Bring the same bar code as you use in your home country - it works here, too!!

5. ENJOY!!!!!!!

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